My thoughts on the Coronavirus

Online, I’ve seen many netizens comparing the coronavirus with the flu. They say that millions of people die from the flu, so people are overreacting.

But please keep in mind the numbers that you see are only the confirmed cases. There are limited testing kits and many suspected patients are undiagnosed. Many are left to die at home or “self quarantine” because there are not enough hospital beds due to the huge demand.

If it were really only several hundred dead, China would never take such drastic measures. Over 50 million people are under lockdown right now. The government got thousands of people to build two new hospitals within 10 days. China even shut down money making attractions like Disneyland in Shanghai and the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The moment suspicious cases started popping up, the CCP should’ve taken it seriously. Instead, they tried to suppress the messengers by sending out warnings.

Li Wenliang was a Chinese ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital when he warned his friends and colleagues about a new coronavirus strain on Wechat on December 30th, 2019. Rather than thanking him, the authorities approached Wenliang to sign a document admitting he was wrong for spreading rumours and inciting fear amongst the public.

Although Wenliang wasn’t lying, he admitted to the accusations because of the implications it could have had on him and his family. If he had gone against the CCP, he probably would have been thrown in jail.

After Wenliang passed away from the virus several days ago, there was a huge public outcry. It was as if his death had woken up millions of citizens.

However, in order to maintain their power and control, the CCP puts very strict measures on what its citizens can see and do. They only post propaganda content that reflects them in a positive light. They dispose anything that could lead to social instability and weakens their power.

So within a matter of hours, all the posts regarding freedom of speech and other topics that criticized the government were taken down.

Several weeks ago, there were clips that had been leaked onto twitter with nurses saying that over 100k people have already been affected with the virus. Additionally, there have been multiple clips online of bodies lying in Wuhan hospitals next to the living. The CCP has repeatedly denied that the videos were real, but one of the guys I followed on youtube and twitter had actually gone to report the real situation in Wuhan by personally visiting the hospitals and interviewing the locals.

His videos show what is actually going on and his critiques are quite fair in my honest opinion. He only reports what he sees and hears in person. It is very heartbreaking and agonizing to see the current conditions.

There is so much fear and hopelessness. Can you imagine if your loved ones were dying from excruciating pain and all you could do was beg and watch?

Sadly, Chen Qiushi “vanished” six days ago while he was on his way to another hospital. His mother made a video asking netizens for help to locate her son. Apparently, Chen Qiushi has been detained and forced to go under quarantined. However, his phone has been confiscated and no one has been able to reach him at all.  I really hope he’s okay and that he will be released soon.

To give you an idea, here’s a clip that SCMP posted:

By now, it is no surprise that the CCP is cracking down on these “citizen reporters”. They cannot allow their videos or content to go viral as it causes panic and social unrest.

The CCP only permits one voice –their own. But like Li Wenliang said, “A healthy society should not only have one voice.”

It really saddens me to how little control the people of China have over the situation. Growing up in Canada, I was taught to share my views and thoughts with people.

Following instructions is important, but you should also think about why things are the way they are. Don’t just mindlessly do whatever you’re told. I feel like that’s just being irresponsible for your actions because then you just blame the person above you. Well, he told me to do it. -_-“

At the same time, I understand that they cannot risk going against their superiors if it means their lives and livelihood are being threatened. It’s just so depressing.

On a brighter note, China is very efficient. I don’t know any other country that can be so fast at building something on such a large scale. Toronto should learn a thing or two. By the time the relief line is built, I’ll probably be 40 years old (I’m not even joking. -_-“).

Anyway, these are my own thoughts. I wrote another post on how COVID-19 will impact you. You can read it here


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Coronavirus”

  1. Great perspective Grace. I truly believe there is more than what we’re being told. The fact that they didn’t want the World Health Organization to send investigators in was very concerning. We need to help folks not suppress information. It truly reminds me of the movie Contagion with Matt Damon.

  2. Facebook just banned me forever … I no longer exist there … I had posted questions about human rights in C H I N A at this time … so sorry for us all

  3. Grace I hope you’re taking good care of yourself! I haven’t been reading much these past few years. Still, translating? 🤭

    1. OMGGG. IT’S SANGTI! I have never forgotten you, Sangti!! I hope you will finishing reading my translations! LOLOLOL. I remember you were reading some, but I can’t recall which ones you’ve yet to finish.

      I manage now!!!! I don’t really translate much anymore. What have you been up to?

      1. Haha Grace, so glad to hear you’re doing well. And managing Volare? Woot! Home girl got promoted. ^^ And awww you remember me!!! That warms my heart haha. I haven’t finished reading that story with the girl pretending to be a eunuch. Heck I haven’t read any cnovel to it’s end. ಥ‿ಥ And I’m quaratined here, doing nothing much. I hope you’re staying safe.

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