The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Serving Prince Rui

Le Yao Yao was scared and unwilling, but she was the type of person that would be fine even if the sky fell on her. In no time, her fearful heart was distracted by the beautiful ancient architecture around her.

“Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful!” Le Yao Yao exclaimed in surprise. Her shining bright eyes revealed curiosity and delight. In addition, her mouth was wide open. Her excitement was very evident.

Thinking back, in the past, she had always enjoyed looking at ancient architecture. Back then, she thought about going to see the Forbidden City in Beijing, but surprisingly, she ended up here before doing so.

Although she had never been to the Forbidden City, this magnificent Palace was probably even more luxurious than the real thing!

Everywhere she looked, she was surrounded by red brick wall. The stairs leading up to the buildings and balconies were layer upon layer. Due to the size and the design, it gave off an extremely intimidating and powerful aura. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 2”

The Eunuch is Pregnant

The eunuch is pregnant

After Le Yao Yao died in the modern world, her soul ended up in another girl’s body from an ancient era. Oddly enough, the body of the girl was wearing an eunuch outfit! Before Le Yao Yao could figure out how to escape, she was found and dragged to serve the legendary Prince Rui aka Leng Jun Yu.

Prince Rui was known to be ruthless and cruel. In addition, he hated women so much that none were allowed within five steps of his reach.

Will Prince Rui do anything to Le Yao Yao? Will Le Yao Yao try to escape from the Palace? Read to find out!

P.S. This novel is very cute and gets more sexual as it progresses. There will also be a lot of hot attractive men!!


Le Yao Yao could tell from Leng Jun Yu’s tone that he was annoyed. Her heart trembled. She knew tyrants enjoy it when others fear them, but clearly this man did not want her to fear him. Thus, Le Yao Yao immediately plastered a sweet smile on her face and shook her head very dramatically.

She dryly laughed, “N-no, Prince Rui is not a human eating monster. Why would servant be afraid? I-I was just….”

“Just what? Hm?”

Leng Jun Yu found it very amusing that Le Yao Yao was faking a brave awkward smile on her face. He decided he wanted to tease the little eunuch.

Perhaps these days he was too bored…

Honestly, this little eunuch was like a cute little mouse. So cowardly, yet adorable.

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu took another step towards Le Yao Yao.

Main Characters (This will be updated as I go)

Le Yao Yao/Xiao Yao Zi
Prince Rui/Leng Jun Yu


Chapter 1: Transporting through time and becoming a eunuch
Chapter 2: Serving Prince Rui
Chapter 3: I can escape?
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Chapter 7: She was kissed!
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Chapter 15: He’s going to kill her!
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Chapter 20: Transformed into a Devil

Chapter 21: You’re the flute player?
Chapter 22: What does he want from me?
Chapter 23: He really enjoys teasing her
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Chapter 25: Anger issues
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Chapter 27: Irritated and mad
Chapter 28: Dress me
Chapter 29: I’m satisfied!
Chapter 30: Are you messing with me? 
Chapter 31: He’s a picky eater
Chapter 32: Xiao Yao Zi’s plead
Chapter 33: Helping Brother Li
Chapter 34: You made this?
Chapter 35: You may stay
Chapter 36: Catching the dumpling
Chapter 37: Prince Rui is a cheap ass!
Chapter 38: Two silver taels?
Chapter 39: Roaming the streets
Chapter 40: The man in white

Chapter 41: Enjoying a delicious meal
Chapter 42: Beat the fattie!
Chapter 43: They are from Prince Rui’s residence!
Chapter 44: She was caught
Chapter 45: How are you going to compensate me? 
Chapter 46: Nobody left the residence
Chapter 47: The chief manager is an asshole!
Chapter 48: Fleeing from an arranged marriage
Chapter 49: F**k this slave-owning society!
Chapter 50: Rub my back (The rest of the translations will be on


The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Transporting through time and becoming a eunuch

Le Yao Yao felt like she was in a tragedy. Regardless of how hard she rubbed her eyes, the reflection she saw in the river was not her actual face.

Despite that, the reflection was a beautiful sight. This person had an oval face, curved dark eyebrows, delicate nose, captivating red lips, as well as a pair of expressive eyes. It was a wonderful combination. It was perfection!

Although Le Yao Yao had seen many gorgeous women on television and magazines, they were incomparable to this beauty!

It took Le Yao Yao a while before she snapped out of it. The reflection may be stunning, but could someone tell her what happened?

It was summer break and she had merely gone bungee jumping with her friends. She had closed her eyes before she jumped. But by the time she reopened them again, she was in this strange place.

Where were her friends? What was this place? Where was she?

Another thing that really bothered Le Yao Yao was that despite how attractive “she” looked, why was she wearing a dark blue eunuch outfit? She had already examined the body. The body of this owner was a female! So, what’s up with that?

Le Yao Yao was shaken and dumbfounded. Then, she finally came upon a realization. She had transported through time!

Oh God! Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 1”