Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 82.

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Chapter 82

After leaving the couple, Lin Shan and Lian Feng went on the path towards the Capital.

It had already been more than a month since their departure. Within a month, those who used to back up Du Ye were all removed from their positions; regardless of how low or high their rankings were. The names of all the removed officials were posted next to Du Ming Yue’s notice. A lot of villagers were shoving around to take a glimpse of it.

Lin Shan was curious and also took a look. But instantly, her expression stiffened.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Feng came over and asked.

Lin Shan’s voice shook as she pointed to the notice: “My….my father….”

That’s right. Song Xian’s name was actually on the list. Lian Feng did not expect this either. He steadied Lin Shan and consoled: “Don’t panic. Let’s go find out the situation.”

On that very day, the two of them disguised themselves and went around looking for clues. They found out that although Song Xian was on the list, the Imperial court ruled that he was too old and had accomplished a lot for the country and decided to spare his life. They only took away his title and his residence. Song Xian was ordered to retire and no longer participate in any political matters.

When Lin Shan found out her father’s life was spared, she felt relieved. Although her father lost his government position, at least he was alive. At least he wasn’t locked up in a cell.

But suddenly, she felt very uneasy. Her father was already so old. He had always done his job very honestly and thoroughly. There was no way he could be part of a conspiracy. At home, it would take him a long time to even consider about killing a cockroach. Logically, her father wouldn’t and shouldn’t have anything to do with the Elder Prince. What was going on?

Lin Shan and Lian Feng decided to go and visit her parents to find out the cause of the issue.

It had been said that ever since the Imperial court took away Song Xian’s position, he had left with his wife to rely on their daughter-in-law’s family. They were now staying with General Yang Sui’s family at his residence.

Once Lin Shan found out, she and Lian Feng rushed to the General’s residence that very night. In order to prevent disturbance, they didn’t directly pay a formal visit. Instead, Lian Feng secretly slipped into the residence with Lin Shan.

As a General, Yang Sui’s residence definitely had strict security. However, Lian Feng’s martial arts abilities were too good. He managed to sneak into the residence with Lin Shan without being detected. After the two of them entered the residence, they quickly overheard that her parents were staying at another courtyard. Therefore, they immediately left. Surprisingly, they ended up bumping into Song Lin Feng on the way.

Song Lin Feng’s martial arts abilities were not below Lian Feng’s. The moment he heard movement from the courtyard, he had already rushed out with his sword. But before he could pull out his sword, he saw the female version of Song Luo with the Crown Prince. He initially thought something was wrong with his eyes.

Right away though, he noticed the golden sabre on Lian Feng’s waist and figured out half the story. Then, he did a silent signal and led them to a private room.

The moment they entered the room, Song Lin Feng pinched Lin Shan: “You stinky brat. You finally decide to return, eh!?”

Lin Shan was in so much pain that she started to tear up: “Hey! Don’t be so rude. I’m your sister!”

Song Lin Feng rolled his eyes at her: “What? Were you actually hoping for me to cry and embrace you since it has been so long?”

Lin Shan was so angry that she couldn’t think of a comeback. She looked at Lian Feng for help but Lian Feng actually turned away and pretended he didn’t see. At that moment, Lin Shan crumbled: Men cannot be trusted!

Just as Lin Shan was being moody, Song Lin Feng got to the main point: “I know why you two are here. I can tell you everything, but before that, I want to know what’s going on between you guys.”

Song Lin Feng deeply stared at Lian Feng and asked, “Are you going to tell me or the stinky brat?”

“Who’s the stinky brat?!” Lin Shan refuted. Song Lin Feng pushed her face aside, “When men are talking, go on one side.”

Lin Shan: “…..”

Although Song Lin Feng tried to disregard Lin Shan, the story wouldn’t be lively if Lin Shan didn’t explain it. Therefore, after Lian Feng gave her the signal, Lin Shan lifted her sleeves and explained everything from start to finish.

After she was done, Song Lin Feng appeared to be deep in thought.

Lin Shan was impatient and directly asked him: “Why am I doing all the talking? You still haven’t told me why Father’s name is on the list. Why would Father be on the removal list?”

Song Lin Feng lifted his head up as he lightly laughed: “What? Even you can detect something is wrong?”

“How would I not detect something is wrong?” Lin Shan was annoyed. She was starting to feel that her brother and her bazi* signs did not get along with each other.

Song Lin Feng didn’t care that he was driving his sister nuts. He continued on: “Actually, you two are overlooking a person. He is the biggest winner of this.”

What? Lin Shan was confused. There was a big BOSS behind the scenes?

Song Lin Feng looked at her and calmly stated: “The Emperor.”


*Bazi = birth date characters used in fortune telling. It has something to do with the time, the date, the hour you were born…(very hard to explain)

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  1. Lin Shan’s party has encountered a wild BOSS! It’s the Emperor!
    The Emperor uses… “Strip father of his job and make him a homeless jobless hobo”! It’s very effective!

  2. Thank you Grace for keeping up to your bargain for the translation n posting. Although u r sick often but u still make great efforts of postings them so please don’t feel like your efforts r not good enough.

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    Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart with your hard works. May the Sovereign Lord blesses you with speedy recovery, Amen.

  3. Sorry new reader here been trying to find the first dozen chapter to start this novel but ameryedge’s site seem to be down. Are there other alternatuves for the first few dozens to be read? I am sorry to ask this here cause I had been scouring the internet religiously for the chapters but to no avail. Thank you for providing the translation for this ❤ and I am truly sorry to be such an ungrateful leech.

    1. Hi new reader! I’m going to be retranslating the first 12 chapters after I am finished this! Please be patient. 🙂

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      In the meantime, feel free to check out the other posts on my blog! Lol 💓

  4. WAIT the princess isn’t bothering to go back & visit her dying father??? they didn’t tell him???

    …. me at the end of the chapter: NEVERMIND

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