The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 31

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Le Yao Yao gets fascinated so easily. lol

Chapter 31: He’s a picky eater


Hearing Leng Jun Yu’s words, Le Yao Yao lightly bit her lower lips as she secretly took a peek at his handsome face. She noticed Leng Jun Yu’s eyes revealed a flash of hopelessness. She was surprised.

After all, she had already done so many wrong things. How come this man still hadn’t punished her? Instead, he just looked hopeless.

This didn’t sound like the King of Hell from the rumours.

While Le Yao Yao was still unconvinced by her heart, Leng Jun Yu spoke again.

“This time is an exception. I’ll do it myself now. Take a look and get it right next time.”

“Ok.” Le Yao Yao whispered and Leng Jun Yu began to fasten the belt himself.

At this moment, Le Yao Yao noticed how nice Prince Rui’s hands looked.

His ten fingers were long and delicate. His joints were clearly distinct. Even his nails were nicely trimmed. He was like a piece of art work in a gallery. She couldn’t stop admiring.

Prince Rui’s actions were very elegant. In no time, he had tightly clasped the belt onto himself.

“Do you understand?”

As he fastened his belt, Prince Rui rearranged his appearance again before speaking to Le Yao Yao.

“Mm. Your servant understands now.” Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 31”