The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: You may stay

Le Yao Yao was totally unaware of other people’s tense reactions.

Because all her focus was on Leng Jun Yu.

Although she really wanted to leave this residence, she was honestly proud of her cooking. If she didn’t even get a single praise for her work, her heart will not be able to rest.

The truth was, Le Yao Yao was a very competitive person!

As for Leng Jun Yu, he didn’t seem to have much of a reaction when Le Yao Yao got closer to him. All he did was lightly tilt his head down and watched as he stuffed his bowl full. When he looked up, he was faced with his optimistic expression.

Immediately, it was as if something triggered within him and his eyes flickered.

Then, under everyone’s shocking eyes, he ate everything that Le Yao Yao had put in his bowl. He didn’t leave a single piece!

“Prince Rui, how is the taste? Do you like it?”

Le Yao Yao intensely looked at Leng Jun Yu as he took his last bite. Then, he elegantly used the corner of the handkerchief to wipe his mouth.

Currently, the scenario made it look like Le Yao Yao was a child hoping to get a praise from an adult. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 35”