The five hardest things about breaking up and three lessons


Since I just broke a million views, time for another post!! It was either going to be an inspirational post or a relationship post, but since my readers seem to enjoy reading my relationship posts much more, I decided to give you guys what you want.

Normally, my relationship posts are trying to help you get the girl (Ex. The Perfect Man, How to tell if a shy girl likes you, 3 dating tips, and etc). However, what happens after you get the girl/guy? Not all relationships will last. Chances are, you will experience at least one heartbreak during your lifetime.

So, this post is about breaking up. It will be a bit sad though. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Break ups can be tough. Unless it is a mutual break up, one side usually wants to stay together.

You could still be sad if you initiated the break up; but since you wanted it, your ex would most likely be more hurt.

Five hardest things about breaking up

  1. Accepting the fact that your ex will no longer be part of your future. All those things that could’ve been will never be.
  2. Everything reminds you of them. Someone simply drinking a coffee could remind you that your ex used to like drinking his/her coffee black.
  3. If you had been seeing your ex on certain days, those days or time slots will now be empty until you fill it up with something else.
  4. If you had been deeply submersed into your ex’s life, chances are, her/his friends and family were part of your life as well. Now that you two are no longer together, you may be losing more than your ex.
  5. Accepting that your ex no longer feels the same way about you. Perhaps, at one point, your ex had strong feelings for you. But the harsh reality is that he/she no longer wants you.

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The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 34

To my dear readers,

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Chapter 34: You made this?

“Eh?! Cough cough. Umm.. did I say that before? How come I don’t remember? You must have recalled wrongly!?”

Hearing Xiao Mu Zi’s question, Le Yao Yao could only laugh awkwardly as she try to bluff her way out.

After all, she had examined this body before.

Based on what Xiao Mu Zi had told her before, the owner of this body was an orphan with a very poor background.

But she discovered that the owner of this body had soft and delicate skin. In addition, her hands were white and super smooth. With one look, it was obvious that the owner had been pampered all her life. If not, she definitely wouldn’t have such nice hands!

So, Le Yao Yao highly doubted what Xiao Mu Zi had told her.

Then again, she had no clue who the real owner really was.

But right now was not the time to think of this. Her current mission was to figure out what type of dish to make that would satisfy the picky Prince.

Honestly, in her previous life, aside from cooking, she hadn’t done any chores.

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