The five hardest things about breaking up and three lessons


Since I just broke a million views, time for another post!! It was either going to be an inspirational post or a relationship post, but since my readers seem to enjoy reading my relationship posts much more, I decided to give you guys what you want.

Normally, my relationship posts are trying to help you get the girl (Ex. The Perfect Man, How to tell if a shy girl likes you, 3 dating tips, and etc). However, what happens after you get the girl/guy? Not all relationships will last. Chances are, you will experience at least one heartbreak during your lifetime.

So, this post is about breaking up. It will be a bit sad though. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Break ups can be tough. Unless it is a mutual break up, one side usually wants to stay together.

You could still be sad if you initiated the break up; but since you wanted it, your ex would most likely be more hurt.

Five hardest things about breaking up

  1. Accepting the fact that your ex will no longer be part of your future. All those things that could’ve been will never be.
  2. Everything reminds you of them. Someone simply drinking a coffee could remind you that your ex used to like drinking his/her coffee black.
  3. If you had been seeing your ex on certain days, those days or time slots will now be empty until you fill it up with something else.
  4. If you had been deeply submersed into your ex’s life, chances are, her/his friends and family were part of your life as well. Now that you two are no longer together, you may be losing more than your ex.
  5. Accepting that your ex no longer feels the same way about you. Perhaps, at one point, your ex had strong feelings for you. But the harsh reality is that he/she no longer wants you.

3 lessons on break ups

  1. Someone may promise you something, but whether the person carries through with his/her words is a different story. Perhaps he/she did mean it at the time, but until it happens, don’t put your expectations too high.
  2. Feelings come and go. Sometimes, you will be the one to lose feelings. Whereas, other times, you may be the one to get your heart broken. Regardless, there isn’t an absolute 100% guarantee that your relationship can last forever.
  3. Sometimes, you may be trying your hardest and doing everything to make your significant other happy; yet, he/she may still end up leaving you. Life is unfair.

Some emo questions that may be going through your mind:

Did everything we had not matter to you? All the memories we’ve shared, all the things we have done… you can give it all away so easily?  

Why don’t you want me? Am I not good enough?  

What do I need to do in order for you to change your mind?

T___T (My questions are on point, eh?)

Here is a sad song to make this post even sadder. I am too lazy to translate all the lyrics, so here’s part of it (so you can have an idea if you cannot understand Mandarin)  But even if you can’t understand the words, you can feel the emotions if you listen with your heart.

能不能繼續 對我哭 對我笑 對我好

繼續讓我 為你想 為你瘋 陪你老

給你的好 還要不要


Could you continue crying to me? Laughing to me? Treating me well?
Could you let me think of you? Go crazy for you? Grow old with you?
Do you still want what I have to offer?
Yet, I’m afraid to reveal the answer.

我只需要你 在身邊 陪我吵 陪我鬧

別用離開教我 失去的人最重要

別說 你曾經愛過我

讓我們回到那一秒 你好不好

I only need you to stay by my side, argue with me, go wild with me
Don’t teach me the importance of losing someone by leaving me
Don’t say that you once loved me
Could we just go back to that time? How have you been…

NOTE: Although break ups are difficult, going through it will make you a stronger person. You will understand yourself better and hopefully, you can find someone who will cherish you more in your next relationship. For any of you who are heartbroken, I hope you don’t give up on love. 

One more song! Her voice is so hot and sexy~  The beats are amazing! This song may also be super relateable to some of you.



You will be okay. ❤


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

12 thoughts on “The five hardest things about breaking up and three lessons”

  1. Glad you included an important life lesson and perspective at the end! Here is a poem I wrote. Enjoy!

    What is love? I ask the world
    That flutters to and fro
    Eluding hunters and dreamers alike
    Only to fall on innocent hands

    As dark as the void without hope
    As bright as the glorious sun
    Those who need it are bound
    Those who don’t haven’t yet seen it

    That brings uncontrollable joy
    Or summons depths of despair
    When desired, is attraction
    When not, is unwanted

    What is love? I look around
    The river that flows downstream
    The flower that never bloomed
    The pair of doves caged apart
    The lion pride on the bedrock
    The earth that relentlessly grows

    A simple concept, a boggling paradox
    Add one to one – a simple thought
    but is not the sum of its parts
    Sees both close and far and
    Sometimes, not at all
    A frenzy, a bewilderness
    Desperation and desolation
    A foce, a power,
    Controls logic and the hour
    Is as worthless as the gold and gemstones
    And as priceless as the dirt and earth
    Priceless and yet worthless

    What is love? I ask the world
    That flutters to and fro
    Eluding hunters and dreamers alikes
    Only to fall onto unsuspecting hands
    Everything and none
    Nothing and all
    Into the wind and water it goes
    Of that I know, I know
    I know

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Bond.

      Your poem is so sad.

      “That brings uncontrollable joy
      Or summons depths of despair
      When desired, is attraction
      When not, is unwanted”

      Sigh. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Here’s another nice song to listen that: Noctilucent & Tiffany Wiemken – Unravel me its on soundcloud.

  3. wow…. your inputs on this topic is so relatable.. been thinking how to change my broken status.. i guess its up to me to be in pieces or in whole

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