Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 5

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Here is the Chinese version of Chapter 5.

Chapter 5                   Decision

After staying with Master Li for most of the morning, Xuan Luo had a much deeper understanding of jiang hu‘s different Clans and the power that they hold. But he hasn’t made up his mind yet. Although he made a promise to Master Li, it doesn’t mean he had to make his decision so soon.

Master Li did not say anything else for the rest of the day, which caused Xuan Luo to feel a little uneasy. 

But since Master Li didn’t say anything, perhaps it wasn’t the right time yet. Hence, he did not dwell on it too much.

When he got home, Guan Shan Jue was already awake. Seeing his Stepfather dragging his old body to do chores, Xuan Luo’s eyes watered; his tears silently rolled down his cheeks.

“Stepfather, let me do it..” Xuan Luo choked with emotions. He ran to him, grabbing Guan Shan Jue’s creased hands; taking the cloth from him.

“Stepfather, go sit down. I can do everything here!” Xuan Luo led Guan Shan Jue to a chair nearby. Then he tidied up the restaurant, wiped the tables and chairs, and placed everything in the right spot. At that moment, Xuan Luo acted like how a son should act -he helped his family share the burden.

Looking at Xuan Luo, Guan Shan Jue felt a type of love he could not explain. Guan Shan Jue had no child of his own, so he saw Xuan Luo as his child in every way.

*cough* Guan Shan Jue could not hold in his cough. Xuan Luo was very worried and quickly stopped what he was doing. He rushed to Guan Shan Jue’s side and lightly patted his Stepfather’s back.

“Are you alright, Stepfather?” Xuan Luo asked with concern. He could tell Guan Shan Jue has loved him all these years; and it was because of his unconditional love that had led him to speak again. When Xuan Luo first met Guan Shan Jue, he could not speak.

“I’m fine…much better..” said Guan Shan Jue. He smiled. Guan Shan Jue was simply a kind hearted man who generally never gets angry.  He was a very approachable type of person.

Xuan Luo cannot recall his past. All the memories that had occurred before he was eight years old were locked up by him. Those memories were like a curse. Each time he thought about it, he would feel a sense of dread for some reason. As a result, locking them up was the best way to stop the fear.

Slowly, after Xuan Luo locked up his memory, he began to adapt to his new home. He had his Stepfather and Bai Tian. Everything was great.

Seeing Xuan Luo, Guan Shan Jue could not hide his smile. His smile was very kind and calming. It was a very heartwarming moment.

Seeing Guan Shan Jue, Xuan Luo was more determined to learn Martial Arts than ever before. He will not allow anyone close to him to ever suffer again. Not even a bit. He clenched his fists.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo recalled and agreed with what Master Li had said. It’s true, in this world, strength is an asset. Although living a simple life was great, it was way too boring. Thus, his mindset was slowly evolving.

“Stepfather, do you think I ought to go see the world?” Xuan Luo had an idea of what he wanted. He was ready to discuss it with Guan Shan Jue. Yet, at the same time, if he were to leave on his own, Guan Shan Jue would be alone. He didn’t want to hurt his Stepfather either, but in order to protect him, the only way was to get stronger.

Hearing those words, Guan Shan Jue’s heart thumped. Xuan Luo’s existence was made his home finally felt like home.

“You’re already old enough to make your own choices. You still have to ask me?” Guan Shan Jue pretended to roll his eyes at Xuan Luo; and laughed.

“Haha. I know..”


Xuan Luo was the decisive type. Once he made up his mind, he will not waver. Therefore, since he had decided what to do, he went to find Bai Tian to tell him the news.

“Hey! What are you doing?” He was curious as he noticed Bai Tian sitting in the main hall.

“I heard about your Stepfather! How is he?” Bai Tian asked Xuan Luo. He found out what happened through the villagers. At first, he was very nervous. But when he heard that Xuan Luo totally destroyed the guy, he was ecstatic. It was obvious that their friendship was very strong.

“He’s healing quite well!” Xuan Luo smiled, and went in further depth.

Seeing Xuan Luo’s expression, Bai Tian grinned. Seeing how Xuan Luo’s eyes darkened, Bai Tian lightly shoved his chest. “Wow, now that’s something new! When did you become so powerful, huh? You were able to defeat the man? I heard from the villagers that the man is really strong!?! Be honest with me, when did you become so powerful?”

Xuan Luo doesn’t know what to say. It wasn’t that he wanted to keep the cave story a secret. But each time he was about to say it, the thoughts suddenly disappear; as if it had never happened.

“You must not have practiced Master Li’s Martial Arts hard enough. If you did, you could do it too!” Xuan Luo crosses his arms across his chest, pretending to think deeply.

It wasn’t that Xuan Luo wanted to make things up. But in reality, he really could not think of another way to explain himself.

Bai Tian somewhat believed Xuan Luo. After all, Master Li was the only person who knew Martial Arts in the town. It was rumoured that Master Li could defeat a tiger with one hand; hence, he had no choice but to believe.

“Haha. Why were you looking for me?” Bai Tian asked him straight up.

Xuan Luo smacked his head, “Oh my goodness. All your fault! I almost forgot what I came to say!”

“Master Li thinks I have a talent in Martial Arts. He told me to find a legit teacher to learn from. I was wondering if you would be interested. Maybe we can go together…” Xuan Luo hesitated.

“Haha! That’s great! But at our current state, would a Clan accept us? And how much do you know about the Clans? And…” Bai Tian asked a couple more questions in a row, and all of them had a point.

Xuan Luo was speechless. He didn’t expect Bai Tian to ask so many questions. Aside from the first few, he had no idea about the rest.

Since he had thick skin, Xuan Luo told Bai Tian everything he had learned from Master Li. As for the other questions, he hastily went through them…


“Xuan Luo. Based on what you said, let’s go together then! How can I say no to my best friend? Let’s go!” Bai Tian did not even think about it. He agreed once Xuan Luo was finished talking.


Time passed by very quickly. A few months has passed. During these few months, whenever Xuan Luo had time, he would meditate and practice the xin fa. Every day, he would feel the nei li increasing in his core. There were moments when he felt like it would spill out.

As always, after Xuan Luo has finished his tasks, he went straight to his room to meditate. The xin fa slowly appeared in his mind, and at the same time, a warm current spreaded throughout his body. After awhile, it would stop at the core.

But today was different. The xin fa went through Xuan Luo’s body, but the core did not absorb the nei li. In the end, the nei li remained in the jing mai. The nei li scattered throughout Xuan Luo’s body, but he didn’t feel unwell. Instead, he felt very good. It was as if every cell in his body was jumping for joy.

After practicing, Xuan Luo thought back to what had happened, but couldn’t figure it out.

Xuan Luo got up. Based on his routine, he would lift a stone brick a hundred times. The stone brick was very heavy. Master Li was the one who suggested him to lift it. By lifting the stone brick, it would increase his strength. Thus, Xuan Luo somehow found a stone brick, and by the time he was twelve, he already possessed the strength of several hundred jin.

He lifted and lifted. But he realized something was wrong. He puts down the stone brick and was deep in thought.

Back then,  even with all his strength, he could only lift the stone block a hundred times. But today, he was able to lift it 300 times!? Xuan Luo was puzzled. Although it was a good thing, it seemed so odd.

Actually, it was the nei li from the jing mai that had transformed Xuan Luo’s body. The reason why he did not feel anything was because it didn’t happen overnight. His body has been changing slowly ever since he had started practicing the xin fa.

Since Xuan Luo couldn’t figure it out, he decided to leave it. After all, it was a good thing, so why should he worry?

Today’s practice was finally over. Xuan Luo looked up at the sky, his eyes were filled with sorrow. But it cannot be helped. What’s to come, will come!


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