My thoughts on the Paris shooting


Disclaimer: This is purely my own opinions. I am not saying that my views are correct, but this is how I feel. Please do not take it personally.

When I found out about the terrorist attack in Paris on November 13th, I was so sad. All these innocent lives. Gone.

I feel so heartbroken even though it didn’t happen in my country, or to anyone related to me.

I thought about my friends and I, going to a concert. You know, just wanting to have a good time. Then, BOOM. Bloodshed everywhere. Dead bodies everywhere.

I can’t imagine how traumatic and scared they were.

I can’t understand why anyone thinks killing innocent lives is ok.

I know, some people are like, “This happens to other countries all the time. Why is it that when it happens to France? You guys make such a big deal? Are other lives not as important?”

To me, all lives matter. No one should have to experience something like this. And I do agree, whenever an attack happens in a Western country, everyone reacts. But it’s also because we live in a Western society (at least, I do, in Canada). As a result, we usually only get news that concern Western countries.

I know that is bad, but the media is something I/we cannot control.

Within hours, social media platforms were bombarded with tags such as: #prayforParis, #prayforhumanity, and so on.

On Facebook, many have added the flag filter onto their profile pictures to support France. While I do find it touching, in my opinion, it doesn’t do anything to help the actual problem.

It pretty much shows, “I am on France’s side.”

But I think the issue is the hate.

I feel like the way the countries are acting is like “an eye for an eye”. You bomb me? I’m gonna bomb you back. You kill my people? I’m going to kill all your people.

Oh my goodness.

When are you going to stop? When the other party quits? Or until no one is left?

I feel like it’s more important to find out the root of the problem (WHY ISIS is acting like this) and then deal with it from there.

Instead of the, “I’m gonna kill them all. They shall not win. THEY WILL NOT WIN!!” mentality.

Another issue I want to talk about is, stop blaming all the Muslims! Based on the actions of ISIS, some people blame the whole Muslim population. That’s just ridiculous.

I feel so bad for them. These innocent people didn’t do anything, yet some people are putting all the blame and hate on their religion. Just a few days ago, a mosque was deliberately set on fire in Peterborough, Ontario.

People need to stop acting when their emotions run high.

I feel like, whenever people are emotional, they are irrational.

Every time something bad happens, you want to find something or someone to blame.

And right now, it’s Muslims.

It’s so unfair.


Honestly, I feel like the level of racism is so high everywhere (perhaps, more so in Europe), and it’s one of the main reasons why ISIS targeted France (and mainly, the Western nation). Their people are tired of being treated like shit.

Some of the European born Muslims are probably like, “That’s it. F*** you. I’m going to join ISIS and kill you all.”

I truly feel like they’re trying to get some type of “revenge”.

Anyhow, I hope you are not too offended by my opinions. I don’t mean to hate or anything.




Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

23 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Paris shooting”

    1. Omg.. I’m still reading the article. But this, “Following takfiri doctrine, the Islamic State is committed to purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people. ” <– That's just unbelievable.

      1. “unbelievable” not really if you look at history you’d find religious wars all across the world dating back to 5000 bc…. maybe even earlier. but serious mass killing didnt happen until countries formed major cities with at least a population of 10,000 and standing armies to defend boarders. the western nation crusade began around 1100 ad lasted 4 centuries… i believe this is just the middle east turn =_= (last 6 centuries was in africa…. and south america imo. western civilization was still winning mind you.)

      2. honestly i don’t think war will ever end at least the idea of it won’t. it’ll simply have a new method of fighting once we get over killing each other. the bases of war starts with security and resources. after that its greed in the terms those that hold the power. it’s still the rule of the jungle, survival of the fittest only the definition of fit changed… it used to be physically fit now we need to be financially fit. as long as there’s conflict there will be a war that follows dont care if its only a fist fight or verbal fight its still a war. imagine escalating that to world leaders though their reasons/morals tell them stop but their instinct tells them to fight.

    1. Thanks, Karen! I just hope I won’t offend anyone. I really think it’s so sad how the hate seems to only grow. 😦 There are so many innocent people dying because of this.

      1. There’s nothing we can do except to spread more love around. The more love people around us feel, the more they will be positive people too and not piss off anyone who might be on the edge. I think schools should also start teaching yoga or mindfulness sessions for unstable kids to learn how to cool down and unwind. It starts off young.

      2. Haha, I actually heard of it from somewhere before and some schools do it. But I really think it should be a widespread activity that is required at least twice a week! Maybe you can share this with some of your teacher friends so that they can incorporate into their classroom routines πŸ™‚

  1. I see where you’re coming from. I think the big problem is hate and while I honestly haven’t been following the entire thing, I must say that the whole “eye for an eye” mentality just makes things worse. I saw on the news yesterday how they might stop letting some people in the country. This is how racism starts!

  2. Hi GChan7127,
    I agree with what you wrote. People look for scapegoats. When we had trouble with Iraq, people were hurting people descended from Iraq. Now we are having problems with ISIS. Because they are Muslims, people are mad at Muslims. I agree; it’s not right.
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my site MostlyBlogging today and liking my post 5 Ways to Persuade People to Stay Longer at Your Blog.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post as well!

      Yes, it is so sad. 😦 I feel like the hate is on the increase. I feel like love is the solution, but everyone is too angry to care. They all want revenge.

      On a brighter note, I want to thank you for sharing such valuable tips with us.

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