The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 15

Don’t worry. She isn’t dead.

Chapter 15: He’s going to kill her!

After a good while, the corner of Leng Jun Yu’s mouth curved and he spoke in a calm and composed manner.

“Do you honestly think you can threaten me with a mere little eunuch? That’s the world’s biggest joke!”

Leng Jun Yu snorted and revealed his arrogance and classiness from between his brows.

Ba Hu looked at Leng Jun Yu’s frozen expression and felt uneasy again.

This man was like a thousand years old pond. He really couldn’t make sense of him.

As for Le Yao Yao, her eyes were opened wide. She couldn’t believe what Leng Jun Yu had just said.

This was the man who kindly told her, “Don’t worry, I’m here”. In no time, he had changed his mind.

His icy expression and unsympathetic tone was seriously unpredictable. Sure enough, the rumours were correct. He was cold and ruthless.

Then, she noticed this handsome man had already taken a bow from his subordinate. The bow was shaped like a moon, and the workmanship was very exquisite.

If it was before, Le Yao Yao would have definitely admire the item like a work of art. But right now, all she felt was a cold air rushing up from the bottom of her feet into the tip of her head.

Because, the arrow wasn’t pointing at someone random. It was pointing at her!

Le Yao Yao felt her heart shudder. Yet, the gorgeous man facing her had a smile on his face. His voice, however, was zero degrees.

“Want to guess if my arrow can hit two birds with one stone?!”

The man’s voice was low, sexy, and magnetic. It was a deadly weapon!

Today was a sunny day. There were no clouds around. The warm sunshine had enveloped the entire land.

But at this moment, Le Yao Yao felt like she had fallen into an icy cave. Her heart could hear the sound of wind blowing.

At the same time, she never turned her horrified eyes away from the ravishing man.

Although he was wearing a thin robe, his aura was dominating and honourable. It was as if he was wearing a dragon robe (an Emperor’s outfit) and standing on a summit.

Plus, his tall muscular body and the way he was holding onto the bow was simply beyond perfection (tl: yo your life is at stake and you’re still admiring his body? -_-)

But underneath this bright sunlight, there was an arrow pointing towards her.

Could it be, this man…was actually going to kill her? Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 15”


The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The King of Hell’s soften expression

Currently, Ba Hu was freaking out.

Leng Jun Yu appeared to have sense Ba Hu’s fear. His thin red lips curled into a sinister grin.

Leng Jun Yu’s smile was filled with disdain, but was still shockingly mesmerizing; just like a red lotus in boom.

“How would you like to die?”

Leng Jun Yu’s low icy voice slurred. His voice sounded seventy percent hoarse and thirty percent laziness. He sounded like he came from Hell. Any normal human being would shiver.

Also, his fearless demeanor was just too much. Ba Hu was almost peeing his pants. His hands couldn’t shop shaking as the handle he held against Le Yao Yao’s neck sharply cut through her skin. A streak of blood rolled down.

Le Yao Yao caught her breath and whimpered, “Ah…it hurts….”

The stinging pain on her neck caused Le Yao Yao’s face to scrunch up like a crumpled piece of paper.

Her voice, however, allowed Ba Hu to remember that he still had a trump card!

Thinking of this, Ba Hu felt braver. He didn’t think the King of Hell would risk the life of his “partner”. He was safe.

“Humph! Don’t you dare come closer! If you do, I’ll kill him!” He loudly threatened. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 14”