The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: What does he want from me?

Originally, Prince Rui had planned to ignore Le Yao Yao. However, when he turned around, he noticed the little eunuch was staring at him in such a perverted manner. In addition, he had a pair of beautiful eyes. It made him feel very strange.

Honestly, he had never seen such big and beautiful eyes before.

Also, the little eunuch was like a blank piece of paper; whatever that was on his mind was totally revealed on his face. A person only needed to look and would be able to see right through him.

Prince Rui had grown up in the Palace. Although the Palace appeared to be splendorous and majestic, everyone schemed against each other. It was a dark place, and he knew this very clearly ever since he was young. Everyone appeared to be harmonious and kind; but on the inside, they were all selfish. They were like vipers that could nibble through your bones. If he wasn’t careful, he could fall into an abyss with no hopes of ever returning.

But this little eunuch was different from the others!

Perhaps it was because he was so different… that was why he felt a tenderness towards him and didn’t want to kill him?! Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 22”