The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Anger issues

Le Yao Yao was so frightened that her face turned white. She instantly shut her eyes because she thought Leng Jun Yu was going to slap her.

But the anticipated pain never occurred. Instead, she heard something heavy dropping in into the water. There was a huge splash.

Le Yao Yao was curious and secretly took a peek. She realized Prince Rui didn’t plan to hit her. He had shoved all the editable food out of the pavilion and into the lake.

She saw layers upon layers of ripples and her eyes flickered as she recalled what the King of Hell had just said. She was bewildered.

How did he know what she was thinking? Was he a roundworm in her stomach? He could read her thoughts?

While Le Yao Yao was being miserable, she didn’t realized her face was as obvious as a piece of paper. All her thoughts could be read on her face. Even though she didn’t say a word, Leng Jun Yu knew exactly what she was thinking.

Leng Jun Yu suddenly had an urge to twist “his” delicate neck off.

This wrenched servant couldn’t tell good from evil. “He” deserved to starve!

Then again, wasn’t he acting a bit too weirdly!?

When did he ever cared about a servant starving or not? If it were the old him, he wouldn’t even blink twice if a servant starved and died in front of him.

Why was this little eunuch an exception?

Currently, Leng Jun Yu felt troubled and confused.

As a result, the atmosphere in the pavilion became very awkward. Neither of them said a word to break the silence.

But even though the two of them suppressed their mouths, Le Yao Yao’s empty stomach couldn’t be suppressed. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 25”


The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Are you going to kill me or what?

But just as Leng Jun Yu’s lips were about to cover Le Yao Yao’s lips, a peculiar sound suddenly erupted. It shattered the whole mystifying atmosphere.



Hearing that strange noise stunned both of them.

Le Yao Yao slowly opened her tightly shut eyes. She looked so embarrassed.

The odd noise continued. “Gu lu gu lu” On this extraordinary quiet night, the sound was especially clear.

At this moment, despite not wanting to die, Le Yao Yao had an urge to immediately end her life.

Because, the sound was coming from her stomach. In addition, it wasn’t stopping. In fact, she sounded like a device on vibration.

Deep down, she was upset at her own stomach. She wanted to die with dignity, ok?

Ugh, but it wasn’t entirely her fault.

Since eating that drumstick this morning, she only had a dry and cold steamed bun. It wasn’t even enough to stuff the gap in between her teeth.

By now, she was starving like crazy. She was kind of distracted for awhile. But after the King of Hell frightened her, she closed her eyes. Since she couldn’t see with her eyes closed, her other senses became more sensitive; especially her nose.

So the moment she closed her eyes, her nose naturally smelt the osmanthus cake on the table. It smelled so delicious and sweet!

The heavenly aroma caused her stomach to create that awkward, embarrassing noise….

Currently, Le Yao Yao wanted to hide in a hole.

Looking stupid in front of the King of Hell was even more unbearable than getting killed.

Le Yao Yao was probably overly stimulated, because all of a sudden, she no longer feared her opponent. She gritted her teeth and roared at Prince Rui.

“Are you going to kill or what? If you’re not killing, I’m leaving!” Le Yao Yao blurted.

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