The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Irritated and mad

“Xiao Mu Zi, do I really have to go and serve that man? Can I not?”

“Oh my goodness, Xiao Yao Zi. Are you nuts? How can you refer the Prince as ‘that man’? That is so disrespectful! If the chief manager hears you, you’re going to be spanked!”

Xiao Mu Zi’s face turned pale because he was so afraid of Le Yao Yao’s words. He even reached over to cover her tiny mouth, as if he was afraid she would utter something inappropriate again.

After all, in this Palace, they were only little eunuchs. Their lives were worth the very least!

If they did something wrong, a small punishment would result in being spanked with a rod; a bigger punishment would be getting their heads chopped off.

Le Yao Yao made a “wu wu” sound since Xiao Mu Zi used forced to cover her mouth. Then, she aggressively pulled his hand away from her mouth as she rolled her eyes at him. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 27”