Topics: Simu Liu, racist girl, and Minari

Hey guys!

I’m back with another blog post! I’m really on a roll these days, aren’t I? 😛 (Just kidding).

Recently, I went on another podcast! It’s called Asian Movie Club, and you can find it on spotify and other podcast platforms.

Asian Movie Club is a podcast that is hosted by my friends Kyle and Robin. They talk about film, music, pop culture and more.

They have just recently begun so I’m featured in episode 2! Please do give it a listen. It is quite mind-boggling.

We talked about Simu Liu deleting an old tweet of him calling out Mark Wahlberg on his racist assault towards two Vietnamese men back when he was 16.

Simu and Wahlberg are going to be co-stars on an upcoming film. Naturally, it made sense for him to remove it. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be super awkward if fans/haters bring it up? (They still brought it up anyway, but that’s beside the point)

Do you think it was wrong of Simu to have removed the tweet? What would you have done if you were his situation?

We also discussed about people being subconsciously racist. There was an incident where a girl had accidentally left her phone inside an Uber, but had assumed it was stolen. She targeted a black teenager who happened to be around her vicinity and accused him of stealing her phone.

To make matters worse, she even physically jumped on him and attacked him without any proof. Everything was caught on the security camera footage and the boy’s father also recorded it.

Have you ever witnessed or experienced a racist attack? What is subconscious racism?

Lastly, we talked about Minari. Minari is an American drama film that is about a Korean American family who moves to the US in search of their own American Dream.

Robin and Kyle are enraged that Minari would be classified as a foreign language film for Golden Globe voters.

As Robin said, “This is an American film that is about a family moving to America and trying to live the American dream! It doesn’t get any more American than that!

However, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association states that the contenders in the Golden Globes’ best drama or comedy/musical categories must feature at least 50% English dialogue. What are your thoughts on that?

Without further ado, listen to the episode to hear our deep discussion! Don’t forget to follow Asian Movie Club on spotify!

P.S. Robin believes Blackpink is more popular than BTS, but I don’t think so. 😛 he tries to convince us on the podcast.


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