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The Alchemist

This post is based on my interpretations of the Alchemist. This book is one of my favorite fictional books. It is very meaningful and it resonates a lot with me. I specifically chose 9 quotes that had the most impact … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse

This is based on a dream that I had.. I was so scared!!! 😥 It was nighttime. The sky was clear, and the moon was shining bright. For some strange reason, I happened to witness two men carrying a “red … Continue reading

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This is the first time I am writing a movie review. I never write movie reviews because, quite frankly, it doesn’t matter to me whether you watch the movie or not. If you want to, go ahead. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I turned 27. I feel young and old at the same time. Young- because there are still many years ahead of me (hopefully). Old- because some of my friends are already starting families of their own. I start reflecting … Continue reading

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