Controlling your mind

controlling your mind

Sorry I’ve been somewhat neglecting my personal blog posts. Recently, I have been out of ideas. For the longest time, I’ve been debating on what to write. I even googled “Interesting topics to write about”! Haha.

Anyway, today, I want to talk about controlling your mind.

Has it ever occurred to you that most of the pain we suffer from are caused by our thoughts?? Most of the time, when we are dealing with negative emotions, it is because we allow those emotions to grow.

Some may say, “I couldn’t help it.” True, to some extent, we do not have control over our thoughts. But in my opinion, we could change our state of mind if we allow it. 

When I was little, I always saw myself as a victim. I always blamed everything on everyone else but myself. I felt like I didn’t have any control and life was just super unfair.

Now, I still think life is super unfair, HOWEVER, I believe I have the ability to make a difference. I believe I can create my future. 

Most people think I’m crazy. Most people think I’m wasting my time. For example, I started translating 6 months ago and my mom feels sorry for me because I basically make nothing. Word Ads doesn’t pay me until I hit $100, and right now, I’m only at $83 something and I have dedicated probably 165 hours translating.

The thing is, currently I may not be making money, but I am building my base. Even if I stop translating now, I will get hundreds of views daily regardless. I know if I want more, I have to work harder and translate more. 

The point is, I know if I’m willing to work for it, I will get the views and eventually, I will get thousands of views (and maybe someday, hundreds of thousands).

You may think, what’s the point? You make nothing!!! THE POINT IS, eventually, I won’t have to do anything and I will have a passive income! It is going to take a very long time, but it is possible. 

I think the right attitude to have is: YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU WILL DO IT. 

This is how I think. Even for my Financial Planning job. Due to my illness, I haven’t been able to work. However, I know that once I can work, I could do it. It takes a lot of time, and I will get rejected A LOT, but it is possible! It really depends on how much and how far I’m willing to go.

Another example would be playing the piano. I may suck the first 10 times I play. However, by the 100th time, I sound much better. And if I want to be super good, I can play it 300 or 500 times.

It takes time, patience, determination, and action.

The point is, I can’t get instantaneous recognition and/or reward, but once I have achieved it, it will not disappear. 

It is short term pain for long term gain.

Most people do not have the patience to go through the pain. But to me, working and building something from the bottom up is what makes my life more satisfying and meaningful.

It’s the mindset.

P.S. Translating is super hard and it takes so much discipline. Holy moly. I’m training myself.

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Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

5 thoughts on “Controlling your mind”

  1. so much truth and positivity in this post. I remember Chris brogan, who is a very popular marketing blogger, famously said a while back that it took him 3 years to get his first 100 subscribers. but because he persisted and was patient with blogging, now everyone who reads about marketing knows his name. Anything worth achieving is not easy in the beginning, but the beginning is only hard to get rid of the people who don’t want it bad enough. With the right mindset, anything is possible. great post!

    1. Thank you, Vincent!! Yes, it’s all about the mindset!

      P.S. I love your blog so much. Haha. I read everything. Perhaps not daily, but I always catch up. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and thoughts with us!

      1. mindset really is everything:) aww I appreciate that, that means a lot to me, really does:)

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