Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 71.

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Chapter 71

Ji Bai Yu frowned but didn’t say a word. On the other hand, Lin Shan shouted without thinking: “No!”

Ji Hong Lin smiled: “Do you think it matters whether you agree or not?”

Lin Shan’s expression immediately stiffened.

Wow, this woman is so messed up! She could instantly make up her mind and force her son to marry me? That’s absurd! She’s a hopeless cause.

Lin Shan quickly directed her glance towards Ji Bai Yu.

Bro, are you a man? Your mother wants you to marry the woman you just tried to poison! Step out and say something!?!

Ji Bai Yu didn’t even look at her. Instead, he respectfully said to Ji Hong Lin: “Your child will obey your command.”

At that moment, Lin Shan was stunned. She pulled onto Ji Bai Yu’s sleeves: “Are you crazy?! Why are you agreeing to it!? Didn’t you just tried to poison me? Poison me! I don’t want to marry you!”

The corner of Ji Bai Yu’s mouth twitched.

“Yu-er, is Song second lady speaking the truth?” Ji Hong Lin appeared to be amused.

“Your child did have that intention.” Ji Bai Yu blankly stated.

“If that’s what you want, after you two get married, you can do whatever you want with her.”

“Thank you for your permission, Mother!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 71.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 69.

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Chapter 69

Lin Shan was stunned by the man and the dog. She immediately shrank back like a quail as she mumbled to herself: You are not interested in beautiful women nor men. What do you like then? At this moment, her glance landed on the fierce dog. She froze.

Woah, bro. Your taste is too strong!

The way Lin Shan looked at the man caused him to feel goose bumps all over his body. He yelled: “Song Luo!”

Lin Shan was about to say something, when the dog barked in response. Then, the dog obediently went back to its corner.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted. It took her awhile to react. But when she finally did, she looked super pissed: Are you kidding me? You named your dog that? Couldn’t you at least find a decent looking one? Oh my goodness! This one is a tragic sight. A tragic sight, I tell you!

Just as Lin Shan was steaming from anger, the man suddenly smiled cunningly at her: “Miss Song, are you hungry?”

This smile caused Lin Shan’s danger radar to beep. Despite being very hungry, she refused like an honourable woman: “Not hungry!” But at that moment, her stomach started to growl. The sound was so loud, it drowned her voice.

Lin Shan was so embarrassed that she looked down and pretended to be dead (not literally).

“I’ll let you eat if you want.” The man lightly laughed and waved his sleeve. Somehow, the thick rope that was around Lin Shan’s wrists came loose. Lin Shan rubbed her sore wrists as she stared oddly at the man.

“Eat. Aren’t you hungry?” A bowl of red braised pork was pushed in front of Lin Shan. It had just the right amount of fat on it. The sweet aroma went up her nose and caused Lin Shan to feel a strong craving.

Usually, under these type of circumstances, Lin Shan would think to herself, “I’m going to die regardless I eat or not. So why don’t I just eat and fill my stomach first?” But for some strange reason, this time, her mind decided to casually ask: “Did you add poison to it?”

“Of course.” The man actually nodded. He looked at her expectedly.

Lin Shan’s chopsticks froze in mid air as she gawked at the man. Her face looked troubled: Bro, are you toying with me? If there’s poison, why are you telling me? If you tell me, do you think I would eat it?”

“You’re toying with me, aren’t you?” Lin Shan said with a stiff face.

“I told you there’s poison in the meat, yet you think I’m toying with you. What if I told you, there’s poison in the wine, and all the dishes? Even the seat you’re still on has poison on it. Do you still think I’m toying with you?”

Lin Shan trembled and the meat from her chopsticks fell onto the ground.

“Song Luo” instantly went after it and swallowed the entire piece. Immediately, “Song Luo” fell over and started throwing up white foam. It started to twitch and struggled for a few seconds, and then took its last breath. The entire incident happened within five seconds. Lin Shan’s eyes and mouth were wide opened from shock.

“You…. monster!” She nearly jumped out of her seat as she pointed at the man, “Although the dog was ugly, you didn’t have to be so cruel. Are you human?! You….”

“Don’t worry.” The man calmly responded, “It will be your turn next. Calm down.”

Right away, Lin Shan stopped talking. Tiny beads of sweat started forming on her forehead. Her heart started to beat furiously. Oh God, does this person really plan to kill her? What would he gain from it though? Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 69.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 68.

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Chapter 68

At that moment, Lin Shan was boiling angry.

“You f**ker, don’t you have any face? You’re so old and you’re still gambling? Your mother gave birth to you and worked so hard to support you, yet this is how you repay her? You’re a terrible human being. Gamble when you were ten, twenty, thirty…and now you’re freaking seventy!  You should be ashamed of yourself. Even a dog has a life more meaningful than yours!”

Lin Shan’s uproar definitely caused quite a sensation in the busy city. Not only was the old man stunned, but the gamblers around were astonished as well. Originally, they were planning to secretly gamble in the middle of the night, but the young lad’s words were quite true. They were now hesitating.

Furthermore, even the ladies from the brothel across the street wanted to join in the fun. They found it very manly of Lin Shan to yell at the gambler so openly on the streets. Their young hearts started to stir.

Soon, more and more people surrounded them. It created such a commotion that even the boss of the casino noticed. The moment he heard a young lad was yelling at a gambler outside of his casino, he was enraged.

F**k! No wonder I have no business today. It must be your fault! How dare you come and ruin my business!? Are you tired of living?

The casino boss came out with a group of strong men. He stormed through the crowd and harshly grabbed onto Lin Shan, whom, at this moment, was lecturing very passionately. The casino boss yanked Lin Shan by the collar and threw her onto the other side.

Obviously, Lin Shan’s small body was no match against the big casino boss. She felt herself losing balance and was about to crash against the wall, when suddenly, a hand wrapped around her waist and embraced her from harm. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 68.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 66.

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Chapter 66

Lin Shan’s words caused Xiao Lu to freak out.

Oh my goodness, it’s over!! The shock is too much for Master to handle! Even Gu Zuo, who is known as the Palace’s most honest man, said he saw Lian Feng falling down the river valley with his own eyes. How could Lian Superior be alive? Yet, Master is demanding that we look for him. Has she turned insane?

At this moment, Lin Shan had already regained her mind.

Who says Lian Feng is dead? If he is dead, I demand to see his body. So far, they haven’t been able to find his body. This means that there is a chance he is alive! As long as there is hope, she is not going to give up so easily. As long as there’s a possibility that he’s alive, she will find him! Even if the chances of finding him is one out of ten thousand, she will look through the ends of the Earth.

Her optimism gave her a sudden boost of energy, and she crawled out of bed. Lin Shan commanded Xiao Lu: “Pack our things and leave the Palace with me. We’re going to find Lian Feng.”


Du Hao never expected the woman who cried as if her livers and guts were torn in pieces would recover so quickly. At the time, it seemed like Lin Shan was never going to get out of her traumatic state. By the time he realized that Lin Shan was not the type to mope and submit to the will of the Heaven, it was too late.

This time, Lin Shan truly left. She even took her treasure box from underneath the pillow. There was a letter on the empty table. It looked like it was written by a dog -all the letters were crooked: I went to find Lian Feng. I’m sure we will meet again one day.

Du Hao scrunched up the letter as blue veins popped out from his forehead. His fingers were tightly clenched: “Song Luo, you fool!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 66.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.

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Chapter 65

Currently, Du Hao was panicking inside Ming Yue Palace. The Imperial physician was taking Lin Shan’s pulse.

“Your Highness, please do not worry. Prince Consort fainted from shock, but he is alright. As long as he takes his medication and rest, he will wake up fine.” Then, the Imperial physician left the room with Xiao Lu to boil the medicine.

Du Hao went over to the bedside and saw Lin Shan’s pale face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her lips had no colour to it. His heart ached. At that moment, he was jealous. He was envious of Lian Feng’s past, his encounters, and even the fact he fell down into the river valley.

If I was the person who fell, would you be this upset?

He couldn’t help but stroke Lin Shan’s face with his fingers. Bitterness lingered around his heart.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly opened her eyes and calmly gazed at Du Hao.

“Lian Feng?” She whimpered. Her voice was light.

Du Hao didn’t shake his head, instead he grasped Lin Shan’s hand. Yet, she rejected him as she flung his hand away.

“You’re not Lian Feng…” Lin Shan started talking to herself, “Lian Feng went to get the antidote. He’s not back yet. The sky is already dark. What if he got lost? He has to go such a long way. He must be starving. I’m going to go prepare some food for him to eat.” Then, Lin Shan tried getting up from the bed as she swayed.

Her every sentence stabbed into him like needles. Du Hao held in the pain as he pressed Lin Shan down: “You just woke up. Don’t get up.”

“Don’t stop me. I need to peel some walnuts. Lian Feng likes to eat walnuts. He likes the little ones. He likes it when I peel it for him….”

It was as if Lin Shan had gone into her whole little world. Regardless of how Du Hao tried to stop her, she insisted on getting out of bed. She started overturning trunks and boxes for walnuts.

Huh? Where are the walnuts? Xiao Lu must have ate it all. I’m going to lecture her…”

“Song Luo, stop. Luo Luo!” Du Hao anxiously stopped Lin Shan from looking for Xiao Lu, “Don’t be like this. You’re still half asleep. Sleep a bit more, okay? Be good….”

“I am awake. Stop blocking me! I’m going to wait for Lian Feng by the Palace gate. He isn’t back yet. I bet he wants me to wait for him by the gate. He’ll come back if I wait for him. I’m going…” Lin Shan’s voice became lighter and lighter. Finally, she broke down in tears. “You… stop blocking me… stop blocking me…I’m begging you….I’m begging you…” She couldn’t pretend any longer as she nearly fell down onto the ground. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 64.

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Chapter 64

Since she helped humanity, Lin Shan felt awesome. The nightmare totally left her mind. For the next two days, she ate and slept well. Whenever she was bored, she would take a look at her treasure box and calculate her current monetary worth.

“This one (banknote) can buy us a house in Jiang Nan.” Lin Shan took out another sheet and placed it on the table, “This one can buy us a couple acres of land and two ox. As for this sheet, Xiao Lu, do you think I should open a tavern or a restaurant?”

Xiao Lu intently stared at Lin Shan: “Master, didn’t you say you wanted to open a brothel?”

“That was before!” Lin Shan rolled her eyes at Xiao Lu: “I thought about it. There are too many beauties in brothels. The sexual tension is too strong. I don’t want my man to be tempted. Plus, brothels are too common. It cannot show off my talents. So I have changed my mind. I am going to open a tavern! The name will be called the Dragon Gate Tavern. Selling buns will be the specialty!”

Xiao Lu was clearly shocked: “…Master, you’re truly one of a kind.”

“Of course!” Lin Shan thought very highly of herself: “I also plan on opening a biao ju*!”

“What do you plan to call the biao ju?”

Lin Shan thought about it: “I know! The Golden Sabre Biao Ju!”

Xiao Lu nearly choked on her tea. She gave Lin Shan a dirty look: “Master, you still can’t forget the golden sabre, eh?”

“Bullshit. That’s gold!” Lin Shan naturally nodded.

Xiao Lu was speechless. After a few moments, she said: “Speaking of the golden sabre, Lian Superior should be back today.”

“Mhm.” Lin Shan nodded, pretending to look calm. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 64.”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 63.

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Chapter 63

The rain had finally stopped.

Lin Shan felt like her dream had transformed into a knot of air and it wouldn’t go away. She aimlessly walked around the Palace by herself. Slowly, she began to feel better, but Lian Feng’s last expression remained in her mind. It wouldn’t disappear.

He’ll be fine. Stop over thinking! Stop over thinking, you hear me? Lin Shan was trying to comfort herself. Unconsciously, she ended up by the pond in the middle of the night. It was quiet and calm. The curved moon hung from the sky; shining a faint light on the peaceful pond.

Coincidentally, Lin Shan actually saw someone familiar at this time. Originally, she was staring blankly at the pond. But suddenly, she heard voices behind her. Lin Shan turned around and saw two Imperial guards dragging the drunken Du Jing. Clearly, he had just came back from indulging in sensual pleasures.

How can anyone be so shameless? Your dad is dying and you are still in the mood to party? What a scumbag! Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 63.”