Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 16.

To my dear readers,

This chapter is simple, but it took me FOREVER because the sentence structure is totally backwards in Chinese. I mean, it’s usually backwards anyway but this chapter was extra backwards. =____=” Ugghhhh. It takes so long to make it sound as normal as possible.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 16     Martial Arts Dream

“Master! I have brought a pervert. He dared to come into our female territory!” The woman angrily glared at Xuan Luo as she spoke to an old man.

“Aaaii…Zi Yan, what happened?” The old man calmly responded.

“Master. This guy came to our residence acting all secretive. He also caused shi mei to fall!!”

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Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 15.

To my dear readers,

I don’t have too much to say. I just want to thank those of you who continues to follow my translation. I’ve been receiving more comments lately, and it makes me feel more important. Haha. I will try to slack less and translate more than two chapters a week!!!

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This is the chapter in Chinese.

Chapter 15     Lost

Xuan Luo had no idea how big Wu Dang truly was. As a result, he actually got lost. He had no idea where he was.

Aside from a couple of striking objects/locations, Wu Dang’s architecture looked very similar. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that Xuan Luo had gone the wrong way.

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Personal thoughts

For this Monday, I’m going to share some of my personal thoughts. Please do not take it personally because it is how I feel. By no means am I trying to target anyone.

First of all, my blog has surpassed 55000 views!!! This is amazing to me, because if it weren’t for the translations, I would have not have achieved this until many years down the road.

Before translating, I would get about a hundred views a week. Now, I get hundreds of views per day.

Although most people come for the translation and they don’t give a shit about me, it is still nice that they want to continue reading my translations.

It pushes me to want to be better.

My goal is to get more views. (That’s not my only goal, but I’m only talking about blog related things right now.)


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Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 14.

To my dear readers,

Sorry! I was procrastinating. I didn’t want to translate and thus, I haven’t uploaded anything until now. -____-” I was looking at the Chinese version, and I’m like, nope, I don’t wanna do this right now. *Goes and do something else.* Haha. It is so hard to push myself. SO I HOPE YOU GUYS APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!

Anyway, this chapter was pretty good in my opinion. It only took me 5 minutes to read it but hours to translate *ugggh*.

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And if you want the Chinese version, here it is.

Chapter 14     Xuan Yuan Duan Ai

Seeing how there were so many people surrounding the ba gua stage, Zhang Ri frowned.

“Let’s go. I think something happened!”

Zhang Ri did not try to conceal his concern, thus, the two quickly ran towards the stage.

Usually, there were not this many disciples here. For some reason, today, the number of disciples have dramatically increased. It was obvious that something had happened.

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