Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 27.

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Chapter 27

Lin Shan’s heart was hanging by a thread as she listened to the Imperial edict. Unexpectedly, it was entirely about something else.

It turned out that she was being rewarded for saving the Crown Prince; as well, she was also announced as the first place winner for the Imperial treasure hunt contest! The Emperor was bestowing her a grand prize.

Lin Shan was dumbfounded. She could understand if she was being rewarded for saving the Crown Prince; after all, she did suck his venom out. But how the heck did she get rewarded as the first place winner? She didn’t even know where the night pearls were!!?

She was filled with doubt as she accepted the Imperial edict. She used this opportunity to try to get some information from the experienced eunuch who was congratulating her.

“Sun eunuch, I have some things I am unsure about. Could I ask for your knowledge?”

Sun eunuch had been in the Palace for many years. Whoever that was popular, he would definitely treat courteously: “Your servant is not talented. How could I offer you knowledge? Prince Consort, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will do my best to tell you everything I know.”

Lin Shan went straight to the point: “No need to be so courteous. I just want to find out which kind person helped me hand in the night pearls to the Emperor while I was unconscious. After I am well, I would like to thank him or her.”

“Prince Consort is truly kind hearted. I’m not sure who submitted your night pearls, but I have been told Lian Superior was the one who escorted you back to the Kingdom Minister’s residence. If Prince Consort wishes to find out more, you can get more answers from Lian Superior.”

Lian Feng? As this name appeared in her mind, Lin Shan immediately recalled the night of her rescue. Lian Feng had appeared in front of her and tightly embraced her. It was an odd feeling she didn’t know how to describe. Faintly, she sensed something was different but she wasn’t sure either.

This issue lingered in her mind until the Emperor’s gift had been delivered to the Song residence. Now, all of Lin Shan’s attention was on her reward.

Holy shit! What a big chest! Even if it’s not filled with gold and silver, it definitely cannot be a small amount! I guess the Emperor is quite generous!

Lin Shan was beaming with joy. She ordered Xiao Lu to opened the chest. Poor Xiao Lu. It took all her strength to open the chest. They were stunned by the result.

Why was there another chest?

Lin Shan was baffled. She had a very bad feeling about this. She quickly ordered Xiao Lu to open the second chest. As expected, there was another chest inside!

Lin Shan was flustered. The Emperor couldn’t be giving me a set of chests?

With a discouraged heart, Lin Shan opened the third chest. Finally, there wasn’t another chest. Instead, she was greeted with a stone that was wrapped with red silk. On the stone, in bold cursive calligraphy were the words – Peace and Prosperity.

Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears. God, are you playing with me???

Sun eunuch instantly stepped out to congratulate: “Congratulations, Prince Consort! This is the Heaven stone that had been left by our previous Emperor! The words on the stone are hand written by him. The Emperor has bestowed this to you. What a huge honour!”

Heaven stone my ass!? It looks like a piece of the meteorite.

Lin Shan’s eyes darkened and she nearly fell down.

Actually, this Heaven stone isn’t totally useless. In the future when Lin Shan resumes her female identity again, this rock will come in handy for crushing vegetables. But that is not until later on.

On the same day after she received the Imperial edict, Lin Shan decided to return to the Palace despite her father’s objections.

Right now, her goal was to find Lian Feng and ask him exactly what happened.

Xiao Lu was running after her while holding onto the Heaven stone. She was weary and sweating profusely. She complained: “Prince Consort, this is mistreatment of your worker.”

Ha! This girl sure learns quick. She even knows “mistreatment of your worker”. Lin Shan rolled her eyes and threatened: “If you complain again, watch me send you to the Leaning Vermilion House!”

Xiao Lu giggled on the side: “Master, didn’t you say that the people from Leaning Vermilion House wouldn’t want someone like me?”

Lin Shan put her hand on her forehead. She was speechless. This was what you call the student surpassing the master. There was always a mountain higher. Since she didn’t want others to think she is mistreating her servant, Lin Shan held onto the Heaven stone herself. Unexpectedly, she came face to face to an energetic Du Ming Yue.

Du Ming Yue suddenly blushed but her mouth was foul: “You haven’t died yet?”

“Unfortunately for you, I’m still alive.” Lin Shan replied.

Instead of remaining angry, Du Ming Yue seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then, she heatedly ordered her servants: “Are you guys blind? Help the Prince Consort carry his items!”

Lin Shan was shocked. Oh my Princess. Are you trying to scare me? Why so giving all of a sudden? Don’t tell me, you want this shitty rock??

Du Ming Yue noticed the alert look Lin Shan had on her face and was frustrated: “What kind of look is that? I… I just want to thank you for saving my brother….” Du Ming Yue pouted and placed all her focus on Lin Shan; her eyes were not scattering everywhere like before.

At this moment, Lin Shan felt like she was being shocked by lightning.

What….. umm… the Princess can’t be falling for me, right? Oh my goodness. It’s over. Wow. Turns out both the Prince and Princess are gay. This is simply a tragedy!

Actually, Lin Shan was aware that her rescue had spread throughout the entire Palace. There were so many different versions, and they all portrayed her like a godly figure. Not only the Princess, but the old ladies working in the Imperial kitchen would die to be thirty years younger so they could be her mistresses.

As a woman dressing up as a man, Lin Shan had reached celebrity status. She was like an exotic flower amongst the women, and a cucumber amongst the men.*

Du Ming Yue’s sudden change in attitude was causing Lin Shan to freak out. She quickly came to the conclusion that she could no longer carry on like this day by day. Eventually, her disguise will be exposed and not only will she be doomed, the entire Song residence will be going down with her. She recalled the confiscation incident at Wu Liang Zhi’s residence. If she was going to destroy the lives of her family, even if she lived, she will not feel at ease.

This is the first time she was planning for her future ever since she had arrived here.

While Lin Shan was being upset over her identity, there were also three men who were suffering in the Palace.

First, the third Prince, Du Jing. His plan would have worked if it weren’t for Lin Shan. All of his plans were destroyed by her. Originally, he would have easily gotten the Heaven stone. Now that someone else has it, how could he be alright?

“Master, according to your subordinate’s research, Song Luo has the Heaven stone. However, since the Princess has heavy security, if we were to go and grab it, we will probably…..”

“I know.” Du Jing cuts her off. “I’ll think of a way to get to Song Luo. Go and report your mission first.”

“Your subordinate accepts your order.” With a blink of an eye, Gui Mei disappeared into the night.

At the same time, in the East Palace, Du Hao was also feeling frustrated with Lin Shan’s situation.

“Gu Zuo”

“Your subordinate is here.”

“Have you done the research I told you to do?”

“Your Highness, ever since we came back, your subordinate has gotten many to search for the lady that you have mentioned. However, we haven’t heard anything back. I have a feeling she might have left the Capital.”

“No. Keep searching.”

“Yes.” Gu Zuo accepted the order but remained where he was.

“Is there anything else?” Du Hao looked at him.

“There’s something your subordinate wishes to say, but isn’t sure if he should.”

“Say it.”

“Based on my opinion, it has been two years since your Highness last saw the lady. Even if she is still in the Capital, she is most likely married. Your subordinate is confused as to why you would want to find her so badly….”

“Say no more!” Du Hao cuts him off. “I know what I am doing. Just do what you’re told. Leave now.”

“Yes.” Gu Zuo knows Du Hao’s temper and decided to say no more and courteously left. As he walked out, his face revealed a hopeless expression. This Crown Prince was not the same as the wise and cool headed Crown Prince he had always known.

Then again, how would Gu Zuo know what Du Hao is really feeling?

Two years ago, he was just twenty years old. Based on talent, EQ, IQ, he was definitely far from his elder brother Du Ye. Therefore, many Imperial officials had issues about his position as the Crown Prince. Although he was the son of the Empress, they doubted his abilities to become the future Emperor.

Therefore, the Emperor decided to send him to fight the enemy in order to calm the situation. It was a great way for him to train his willpower, as well as increase his reputation in the Palace. In addition, the Emperor also sent Du Ye away in fears that they would destroy each other in the future.

At the time, Du Hao was a spoiled prince who had never been through hardship. When he heard his father’s decision. He was so upset he wanted to run away from home. That was when he met the woman who he fell in love with.

That glance helped him endure the two years of army life. He was young back then. It was the first time he had experienced such a stunning beauty. The harsh life of the military made the lady even more unforgettable in his mind.

Two years had gone by, and he had grown up. He had returned in armour and with triumph. He was about to experience the most glorious days of his life, and had forgotten about those hard days, when Song Luo appeared and created a ripple in his heart. It was something that none of the other concubines were able to do.

As someone who had always viewed himself to be highly, he suddenly realized he had feelings towards a man. It wasn’t surprising that Gu Zuo thought he lost his cool. It could not be helped.

While Du Hao was having a conflicted battle within his heart, another man with the same face (Lian Feng) was also in distress.

Lin Shan’s clothes were changed by him. That day, if he didn’t do it, someone else might have found out the secret. The result would have been inconceivable.

Although many days had past, the naked body of a woman remained in his mind. Lian Feng felt extremely guilty. He didn’t know how to face Lin Shan.

According to his subordinates, Song Luo had already returned back to the Palace yesterday. She was healing quite well. He felt relieved but at the same time, his heart was very conflicted. Knowing Song Luo, within a day or two, she will hunt him down and question him. If Song Luo knew that he knew her secret, as well as damaged her purity**, what would she think? Would she still talk to him?

As he was feeling troubled, the Emperor sent an Imperial edict and ordered him to eliminate mountain thieves that were on the increase nearby the Capital. He was told to set off immediately with no delay.

Therefore, when Lin Shan came looking for Lian Feng, she was told he had gone to fight crime.


*This sounds soooo weird. It’s because the author is trying to be funny and punny again. -.-”

**Although he didn’t sleep with her, by seeing her naked, it’s considered “ruined purity”. I don’t know how to explain it in English.

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