Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 36.

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Chapter 36

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to voluntarily kiss him. He was taken aback, but was able to adapt quickly. All the emotions he had suppressed for so long suddenly erupted. He didn’t want to hold back any longer. His next move was something that even Lin Shan herself hasn’t thought of yet.

He placed one hand around her waist, and the other on her neck as he pulled her closer.

Lin Shan was surprised by his boldness as her body soften. She took this opportunity to sit on his lap as her breasts touched his chest. Her entire body felt like it was on fire.

Although she was from the future, the intensity of this gesture caused her cheeks to flush and her heart to skip a beat. Her body was reacting as if the kiss was going to suck everything out of her. Her mind started to fuzz, and all of her four limbs were going soft.

To prevent herself from going limp, she tightly held onto Lian Feng’s clothes.

Just like that, their kiss deepen. From the looks of it, there was no turning back. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Immediately following was Wang Hei Hu’s voice.

“Superior, Miss Song, are you guys awake? I have something to discuss with you two.”

The moment Lin Shan heard the voice, she bounced from Lian Feng like a guilty thief. Her head was lowered and she couldn’t stop blushing.

“Alright. Give us a moment.” Lian Feng replied. His eyes never left Lin Shan as he reached out to straighten out her clothes and gently fixed her messy hair. When his finger brushed against her flushed cheeks, both of them were stumped for words. Lin Shan’s cheeks turned even more red, like a flower about to burst open.

“Umm. err… I-I…..” She stuttered.

Lian Feng smoothly placed his finger on her lips: “Anything you want to say, say it when we’re off the mountains.”

For some strange reason, the words coming out of his mouth were very convincing and Lin Shan didn’t even think as she nodded. Lin Shan then realized she was still sitting on his lap! She rushed to get up, but before she could, she felt her waist tightened as her body was being lowered to the ground. Next thing she knew, she was standing steadily facing Lian Feng.

Lian Feng was fixing her clothes again. He made sure her neck didn’t expose anything before he said: “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Lin Shan agreed. Lian Feng reached out his hand and like an automatic reflex, she placed her hand in his. She felt a warm current going through her palm all the way to her heart.

Is this what being in love feels like? Lin Shan has lived two lives, it wasn’t that she had never experienced young love. However, at the time, she was only curious and thought it was fun. It wasn’t until now that she truly felt like she was in love.

Lian Feng led Lin Shan down the stairs, and her face couldn’t hide her bashfulness. Wang Hei Hu could read the whole situation with one glance. He couldn’t help but sigh for He Lao San.

Brother, you should just follow me. A man in his thirties is like a flower. I’m sure there will be a tree we can hang ourselves to death somewhere out there.

When Lian Feng came downstairs, he saw a few new faces beside Wang Hei Hu. They looked different from the other members of the gang. In fact, they appeared even more rough and ferocious. He couldn’t help but set his guard up, as he pulled Lin Shan behind him and tightened his grip on his sabre.

Wang Hei Hu could tell his reaction was off and instantly explained: “Superior, do not be mistaken. Let me introduce you. These are a few of the bosses from around the mountains. After speaking with my brothers last night, we came to the agreement that Miss Song’s suggestion was a good choice for us. Hence, we contacted all the gangs from around our area. They are willing to work alongside with the Imperial Court. Based on my calculations, we should have more than a thousand people.”

More than a thousand? Lian Feng was flabbergasted on the inside. When he arrived, he thought there would only be around five hundred mountain thieves or so. He didn’t think the number would go beyond six hundred. He was shocked that the numbers are so much higher than what the Imperial Court had predicted.

Thanks to Lin Shan, many lives were probably saved. It would have been disastrous if they hadn’t came to an agreement.

Although he was bewildered on the inside, his face showed no indication. Lian Feng calmly replied: “Please do not worry. As long as you’re willing to be loyal to us, the Imperial Court has no reason to go against you guys. Once I leave the mountains, I will quickly send people to report back to the Emperor. I will be able to give you guys a satisfying response in three days.”

“Frank and straightforward! I like!” Wang Hei Hu smacked the table. “Alright then, for the next three days I’ll be here waiting for your reply. Come, allow me to bring you two down the mountains!”

“Wait!” The sullen He Lao San couldn’t control himself any longer. He didn’t care if Wang Hei Hu objected as he ran up to block Lin Shan from leaving. His face showed how much he wanted her to stay. He pitifully asked: “Dear, do you really have to leave?”

Psssh, what do you think? Lin Shan looked at Lian Feng and firmly nodded her head.

“But dear, I…I can’t bear to see you go…” He Lao San’s eyes were turning red. This wasn’t surprising considering how he had lived twenty five years of his life before he fell in love. And now, the woman that touched his heart was leaving with another man while holding his hand. How could he not be sad?!

Lin Shan felt bad. She could only comfort him by forcing a smile: “Third brother, don’t make it sound like it’s a farewell for life. I’m sure we will see each other in the future….”

He Lao San cuts her off: “No need to say anything else. I know after this, I may never see you again. I have something I want to say to you. Come over for a second.”

Lin Shan was about to follow but Lian Feng pulled her back. He gave He Lao San the death stare.

Not this again! Lin Shan quickly shook her head, indicating that it was alright. Lian Feng finally released her hand, but his glare remained.

He Lao San felt goose bumps from Lian Feng’s glance. He knew the people working for the Imperial Court were fierce, but he didn’t expect them to look so scary. Oh no! Lin Shan is going to suffer in the future!!

“Dear, if he treats you badly. Come and tell me and I’ll deal with him!”

“Okay.” Lin Shan nodded. But inside she was thinking: If he dares to treat me poorly, I don’t need you to help me. I’ll personally chop his testicles off!

“Also, I actually found out your identity long ago. You are…” He Lao San whispered in Lin Shan’s ear as he lowered his voice.

Lin Shan’s mouth twitched: “Third brother. Actually, I’m….”

“Dear. No need to say anymore. Go! If I have an opportunity, I’ll come see you!” He Lao San waved as he confidently turned around with a fan. On the fan,  written with terrible handwriting was the word: loneliness.

Lin Shan almost choked from shock.

“What did he say to you?” After they were off the mountains, Lian Feng asked Lin Shan.

Lin Shan mumbled: “He saw my pendant. He thinks I’m the Princess…..”


“Yeah.” Lin Shan looked to her right and left. Once she confirmed that no one else was around, she took out the jade pendant she had stolen from Du Ming Yue. She whispered: “Look! It’s jade. It’s worth a lot of money…..”

Before she was finished talking, Lian Feng took it from her.

Lin Shan was anxious: “Why are you stealing my stuff?” That was the only worthy item she had on her.

Lian Feng didn’t give her a reason. All he said was: “I’ll help you keep it.” Then, he stuffed the pendant in his clothes as he continued walking straight ahead.

“I don’t want you to keep it! I can keep it myself! Give it back!” Lin Shan was trying to grab onto Lian Feng’s neck to stop him. But she used too much strength and ended up ripping off the wrapped wound.

The blood had solidify and the wound looked gruesome. The cloth had blood stains on it.

“I…I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that. Let me help you rewrap it…” She was afraid he would be in pain, so she quickly tried to fix her mistake. At this moment, Lian Feng suddenly grabbed her shaking hands.

Lin Shan was astonished as she looked at Lian Feng questioningly. His pupils were dark and he looked very serious. The way he was gazing at her reminded her of this morning as they kissed while she was sitting on his lap. Lin Shan couldn’t help as her cheeks started to burn from embarrassment.

“Umm… can you…give me back the pendant..?” She was clearly trying to avoid the awkwardness as she stuttered.


“W-why not?”

“Dowry.” Lian Feng had no expression as he released her hands. But as he turned around, there was a smirk on his face. He continued walking.


That word repeated in her mind more than ten times until she finally realized she was being taken advantage of again! She violently smacked her thigh: Dowry? Who said I wanted to marry you?! I didn’t even ask you to give me the golden sabre as a betrothal gift and yet you want my pendant as the dowry? You… you evil soul!!! T____T
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    1. Lol!!! Sorry!! It would have been out sooner but I kept procrastinating and didn’t start until 11pm 😔.

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      3. Aww, thank you!! I am honestly not that good. I use the online dictionary and thesaurus a lot!! The key is to use a lot of adjectives so the readers can feel the action or emotions.

        Ex. Lian Feng grabbed her shaking hands.

        I wanted the readers to know and feel Lin Shan trembling.

        Haha, but my vocabulary is limited so I always use the thesaurus to find alternative words and try to find the best one to depict the emotions.

        The “hot” scene that took you guys 30 secs to read took me nearly half an hour. 😑

        Hehe, don’t be jealous!! It takes a lot of time to learn a new language. But as long as you put in the work consistently, you will see results.

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        Translators who release daily are amazing! The amount of work and brain power needed is nuts. -.-

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    1. OMG!!! Haha!! I love your comment!! It’s so funny and I can’t stop smiling! Hahahahaha there will be more intense scenes later on, but usually the author stops it before they go all the way lolllll

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  12. “That word repeated in her mind more than ten times until she finally realized she was being taken advantage of again! She violently smacked her thigh: Dowry? Who said I wanted to marry you?! I didn’t even ask you to give me the golden sabre as a betrothal gift and yet you want my pendant as the dowry? You… you evil soul!!”-Ah ah ah Sis Lin Shan your love for the golden sabre is more big than your love for Brother Lian Feng. “Dowry.” – Brother I’m very worried for your future you know, you’re becoming same shamelessy than Sis Lin Shan!!! “Brother, you should just follow me. A man in his thirties is like a flower. I’m sure there will be a tree we can hang ourselves to death somewhere out there”- Uncle Wang Hei Hu, If you want to commit suicide then you go and you do it alone! you don’t need drag to Bro He Lao San. Bro isn’t your lover and he doesn’t need go with you towards afterlife for sake of God!.If you want to commit Lover suicide go and found a lover !!! -Thanks for the ch👍!!

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